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In my last blog post I was writing about who has influenced in my way of taking pictures. This time I decided to write, who has been a great influence overall in my life. My true inspiration in life has been my grandfather. He loved his family over everything, and always thought of other people's needs before his own. Still this did not mean that he himself didn't enjoy his life, on the contrary. He was one of the happiest people I have ever known, and lived his life to the fullest up until his last day.

He had always been an artist, but when children came in to the picture he had to get a job that that would bring food to their table. He worked during the day at the railroads, and in the evenings he carried on doing his art in his garage.

He built his own house for the family, they travelled around the world with grandma even though they only spoke finnish, he built a cannon because he was asked to (why not?), he got his earrings (yes multiple) on his sixties, he got his tattoo in his seventies and the list goes on and on.

Last summer I managed to take this series of photos of him, and our youngest titled 'What remains'. I'm so happy that we have these pictures as a memento of him. These type of photographs have memories, and tells a story years to come. This is life we want to remember..

In our home we have his boxing gloves on our window sill (yes he was a boxer as well), to remind us that with hard work and determination you can do anything you set your mind on to...

- KK

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