Eventually all things fall into place...

After a few hard months of, almost everything it has finally started to brighten up in our family. First of all all our boys are finally healthy and back to their usual speed, including me which always helps when I need to be running after three active boys. It feels so nice to do normal things again, and just be able to leave the house and breathe fresh air.

We finally have recieved our keys to our own studio! The renovation took a little longer that we thought to get everything finished, but now that we finally have everything ready I think it is even better than we imagined. So from now on, if you need a photographer you know where to find me.I will be happily photographing in our studio if you need my assistance.

The opening of our first photography exhibition went extremely well, even though still the last night we weren't sure we would be able to attend beacuse of all the illnesses in our family. Now when the exhibition is coming to its last week, I have to say that it has been a priviledge and pleasure to show my photographs with all the other amazing photographers from my course from Helsinki Design School.

As said eventually all things fall into places.

- KK

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